TRAVEL WATCH - Hospitality & Health Update

The Park is OPEN. Details below.
Thank you all - VERY MUCH - for your cooperation with our policies, and with public health policies, over the past 2 years of this terrible pandemic. Many of you have sent compliments on our Safe Stay policies. We appreciate deeply your feedback and support. All of this effort was worthwhile: Our staff stayed healthy throughout, and we are not aware of any cases of transmission of the Covid-19 virus at Seal Rocks RV Cove. THANK YOU - AND BLESS YOU ALL!

The pandemic is not over. The Covid-19 virus will be with us for an unknown time into the future. We hope it will change from a pandemic to an “endemic” disease, and one we can reasonably manage with regular booster shots, like the annual flu shot many of us choose to take.

At this point, we are comfortable modifying our Safe Stay policy to reduce somewhat the burden on our guests. Effective immediately our new policies are reflected below. We will continue to make changes as the situation, and public health authority guidance, indicate is prudent.

The Park is OPEN. Details below.

The safety and well-being of our guests, team members, and community is our highest priority. You ask what we’re doing to reduce the risk of community transmission. Yes, we’re serious about this. Here is the aggressive action we’ve taken, with your safety in mind.

We observe and enforce prudent Safe Stay practices for staff and guests alike:
  • No-Contact booking, check-in, check-out. Credit cards only – no cash. No paper/credit cards/etc. pass between staff and guests. You tell us when you arrive, then we run your card and email you a receipt.
  • Office is closed and staff work from home. We prefer to have no face-to-face with guests. Guest service for any issue is provided by phone/email, not in person for the most part. If you have a conversation with park staff while outdoors, please stay 10 feet away from them. Why is this? We don’t make this stuff up. Please see this article, where aerosol scientists tell us that 6 feet is NOT adequate— and explain the reason. (Click to read the article.) (We will continue this practice for the time being and we THANK YOU, again, for your understanding.)
  • Our team members are too valuable to risk their health, AND we have team members with compromised respiratory systems.) “Keep your distance” and help us keep them safe—and you safe! BRAVO!!! THANK YOU!!!
  • Restrooms and Tent camping are now OPEN. HOORAY! We will follow the CDC guidance for cleaning and disinfecting, no less than two-three times daily.) Restrooms are very small and you will be very close to other guests. For your safety and theirs, we ask you to wear masks in the restrooms (NOT the shower room), except, of course, when you are brushing teeth, washing face, etc.
  • To make the restrooms more safe and the air more clean, we have installed ventilation that replaces the inside air with outside air every 3 minutes. You will definitely hear the fans going. (No, it’s not a plane landing. Hee-hee!)
  • We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers both inside and outside the restrooms. Please use the sanitizer— both entering and leaving, and inside—to reduce the risk of your hands picking up any live virus—AND to prevent your hands from leaving any live virus for the next person who touches the door handles, or the inside doors, or the sink faucets, etc. THANK YOU!!!
  • We all know by now that the primary benefit of masks is to protect others from catching our virus. We will wear masks to help protect you, our guests, and our team members, anytime we are close together. You wearing a mask will help protect other guests and our staff.
  • Whenever you leave your space on foot, you will be encountering and passing others, often at close distance, because our roads are narrow. We recommend, but do not require, masks on park roads and paths, with one important exception.
  • On the West side of the highway, the path and stairs from the highway to the beach are only about 18” wide. YOU WILL BE TOUCHING OTHERS AS YOU PASS THEM—YOU WILL BE BREATHING THEIR AIR—AND VISA VERSA. For this reason, we must respectfully request your cooperation to wear a mask - ONLY on this short and narrow path. This amounts to about 3 minutes (times 2) out of your day. We trust you will agree this is a small and reasonable burden. We will have masks available for guests who arrive without them.
  • RV sites have our regular limit of 7 guests sleeping there. You may invite Day Guests to your site, and we encourage you to practice social distancing and/or wear masks when you have non-family members in your site. (Please consider holding gatherings on the beach, where more safe social distancing is possible, and moving air reduces risk of transmission.)
  • The touch surfaces in every site are disinfected when a guest leaves, and again the day of check-in for arriving guests. We will remind and emphasize these Safe Stay practices with signage throughout the park, and polite reminders by our staff.We endorse and will implement the guidance of the CDC, ARVC (the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds) and the relevant portions of the Safe Stay initiative created by AHLA (the American Hotel & Lodging Association).

One of our core values is respect for others and concern for the well-being of others. We invite you to join us in supporting our Safe Stay practices and look forward to welcoming you.

We choose not to risk the health of our guests and dedicated team members, just to make a buck. And we don’t want to make customers uncomfortable, just for the sake of filling more spaces. We respect those with different views. So we say, in good cheer and respectfully, if our safe-conduct policies are in any way uncomfortable for you, please schedule your visit when we are able to remove these precautions, and then come join us for more fun times. We appreciate your cooperation. (Check for policy changes on this page.)

Please reach out to us by phone or email if you have questions, concerns, or feedback. We thank you sincerely for your patronage and support of Seal Rocks RV Cove, especially your understanding of the steps we have taken to serve you safely and responsibly.

'Til We Meet Again, Stay Safe!
Your Friends at Seal Rocks RV Cove
- "Where the Sun Always Shines"