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We welcome your inquiries. We will respond within 24 hours.
For reservations, call 541-563-3955.

GUARANTEE REQUIRED: 1, 2 or 3 Nights (Nightly Rate plus 11.8% lodging tax) - Guaranteed at time of booking, with credit card. See Cancellation Policy below. Checks / Money Orders accepted - only if received 10 Days prior to reservation.

RESERVATION & CANCELLATION POLICY - (Max & Minimum Stay + Cancel Deadlines Below):
EXAMPLE: Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day: 3 Night Minimum ALL Sites. Cancel Deadline: 10 Days. (Cancel by 4 PM, 10 days before arrival/check-in date)

  • Tent (7 Day Max Stay)
    • Daily (1-6 Days): 2 Days
    • 7 Days or more: 3 Days
  • Standard, View & Ocean View (1-Month Max + Min. 2-Night Weekends)
    • Daily (1-6 Days): 2 Days
    • 7-14 Days: 14 Days
    • 15 Days or more: 30 Days
  • Premium View Sites (14-Day Max + Min 2-Night ALL Days)
    • Daily (1-6 Days): 3 Days
    • 7 Days or more: 30 Days

  • Tent (7 Day Max Stay)
    • Daily (1-6 Days): 24 Hours
    • 7 Days or more: 2 Days
  • Standard, View & Ocean View (1 Month Max)
    • Daily (1-6 Days): 24 Hours
    • 7 Days or more: 3 Days
    • 15 Days or more: 7 Days
  • Premium View Sites (1-Month Max + Min. 2-Night Weekends)
    • Daily (1-6 Days): 3 Days
    • 7 Days or more: 7 Days

Cancellation & Change Fees (“Cancel” includes Cancellations AND Changes)
  • Cancel by 4PM on Cancel Deadline (See Above), at no cost, unless there is a Cancel Fee shown below.
  • No Shows: We charge Full Reservation Price—All Sites, All Year
  • Late Cancel: After Cancel Deadline shown above, we charge card (or cash check) for the Minimum Stay (1, 2, or 3 nights) at the site rate without discount, plus tax.
  • Cancel Fee Example: Holiday Reservation: Cancel under 30 days before arrival: $10 Fee
  • June – September Cancel Fee
    • Daily (1-6 DAYS): Cancel under 14 days: $5
    • 7- 20 Day Reservation: Cancel under 60 days: $10
    • 21 Day+ Reservation: Cancel under 90 days: $25
    • Groups (2 + sites): Cancel under 90 days: $25/Site
  • October – May: No Cancel Fee
  • Early Departure: No Changes or Refunds after Check-in.

  • We do not offer permanent stays, as we are a recreational Vacation Use Only park, not a residential park. All guests have a principal residence other than at the park. One month stays for Vacation Purposes available with manager approval.
  • RVs must be independently mobile and owner operated (Motor Home with operating motor/Trailer with suitable tow vehicle) and guest licensed and competent to drive/tow their RV into and out of the park. 3rd party delivery/removal of RVs not permitted.
Effective May 31, 2022 - We are a dog-friendly park and, at present, have no Size, Breed or Number of Dogs restrictions. In order to maintain our liberal dog policy, we must have your cooperation. For this reason, we cannot allow off-leash or improperly cared for dogs. To avoid dog-to-dog conflicts, dog leashes/leads must be under 6 feet length at all times. For your convenience, we have both a Dog Walk and a Dog Yard, with free Doggy Bags. Owners must stay with dogs in fenced Dog Yard area. Dogs can share fleas, ticks and disease with each other, so use Dog Yard with prudence and at your own risk. If your dog has known ticks or illness, do NOT use Dog Run. Picking up after your dog immediately is required. Dogs cannot be tied outside at night, or left unattended to disturb others. Pets are not allowed in the restrooms. Washing pets in the restroom or shower is a heath issue and will not be tolerated. Do not walk your dog in RV or Tent Sites, or in the Common Area at front of park. Our Dog Policy is strictly enforced. We want everyone to enjoy their stay at Seal Rocks RV Cove, Dog Owners and Non-Dog Owners alike. Policy violators will be asked to remove their dog(s) from the park. We welcome your comments on our Dog Policy.

See our Rates page. View campground map to see our sites.

Comments on your stay at Seal Rocks Cove or suggestions on how to improve our park and/or service are always appreciated.
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