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Do we have to register upon arrival at the park?
Yes. Everyone MUST register upon arrival at the park. The only exception is self-registrations after hours. The registration must be completed by the next morning (unless the pay envelope is filled out, signed, paid with cash or credit card, and put through the slot in the office wall). The Credit Card information we have is to guarantee your reservation and/or to charge for failure to follow our cancellation policies should you not show up.

What are the CHECK IN and CHECK OUT times?
Check In time is 1:00PM and Check Out time is 11:30AM. This allows us time to clean the restrooms and cleanup the sites so the restrooms and sites will be spotless for your arrival.

How do I make a reservation?
There are two ways to make a reservation. The quickest and easiest way is to call one of our friendly and knowledgeable hosts (541-563-3955) who can immediately tell you what is available in sites and dates and advise you on which available site might best suit your needs. The host will record your reservation, set up a confirmation email to arrive in your email box the next morning and record your credit card number (this is necessary to hold a reservation). Quick and easy!

The other way is to email us with your phone number and we will reply with availability. It will still be necessary to have a telephone conversation (541-563-3955) to be sure everything is correct and to record the credit card number. This way just takes a little longer. Do NOT send your credit card number by email – only by phone.

Will I receive a Confirmation for my reservation?
Yes. A confirmation email will automatically arrive in your email box the next morning with complete information about the reservation. Please read it COMPLETELY AND CAREFULLY and notify us of any errors or omissions. Let us know if it does not arrive (due to incorrect email address, spam box, etc.) and we will correct and resend.

Do you hold my Credit Card?
No! Regulations do not allow us to hold credit card numbers past what is needed for your stay with us. We use your credit card to guarantee your reservation and we destroy the credit card slip after you leave the park. We DO NOT hold your credit card number in our files.

Which Credit Cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card.
Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card

Do you accept Debit Cards?
We can accept Debit Cards when you are registering – but we do NOT accept them over the phone to hold your reservation.

How do we pay for our stay with you?
We accept Cash, Credit and Debit Cards and Personal Checks with proper personal ID.

Is there easy access to the beach and tide pools?
Yes. There are several paths leading to a gate at the center of the park near all RV and Tent sites. From here you can cross the highway (carefully) and walk down several steps to our beautiful beach and tide pools. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LATCH THE GATE SECURELY AFTER YOU PASS THROUGH TO HELP PREVENT ACCIDENTAL ACCESS TO THE HIGHWAY BY PETS AND CHILDREN. We regret this beach access requires steps and is not ADA accessible, but the Seal Rock Oregon State Park right next to us has a paved path to a scenic outlook platform that is ADA accessible. The paved path continues down the hill to the beach, without steps, but it is steep in slope.
one of the paths to the gate leading to the beach

Are dogs allowed?
Yes. *IF* the owners are responsible and the dogs are "good citizens." Please see our Dog Policy located on the Contact Page. We want ALL guests to enjoy their stay with us.

Are tents allowed in the RV Sites?
We allow 1 small tent and, in a few sites, 2 small tents in RV sites *IF* the sites are large enough to add a tent without interfering with your neighbors or infringing on the roads or paths. Tents and picnic tables must be 5 feet from fire ring.

We have great tent sites and we suggest their use for large tents or for RV sites with limited space. Every site in the park is different since the park was developed on the side of a hill in 1969. Tents must be approved by the office before setting up in an RV Site.

Are Pop-up trailers allowed in the tent area?
NO. Our Tent Area has limited driving space and there is only room to maneuver with cars and smaller trucks. Extra vehicles must be parked in the parking area due to space limitations.

How large are your sites?
Every site in the park is different. This includes RV and Tent sites. Approximate sizes are listed with the RV Site and Tent Site photos for each site. Some sites are not perfectly square so measurements are approximate. You can tell more by looking at the site photos.

Is there extra parking in the park?
Yes. We have a small parking lot between sites 24 & site 25 in the center of the park, which can hold a few cars only. With our permission, extra cars and small trailers can be parked here during your stay with us. Extra vehicles in the Tent Area must be parked in the lot. You park at your own risk and we ask you to be cautious and considerate of other parked vehicles here.

Do you charge for showers?
No. We pride ourselves on our clean, modern Restrooms and our tiled showers with plenty of hot water.

Do you have a laundry?
No. Our onsite septic system does not allow us to install a laundry. There are nice commercial laundries 5 miles south of the park in Waldport and 10 miles north in Newport.

Is there a gas and diesel station nearby?
Yes. In Waldport, 5 miles south, there is a Shell station with both gas and diesel and a Chevron station with gas only. Of course, there are many stations available in Newport (10 miles north).

Can we get RV repair service in the area?
Yes. There are two that offer mobile RV Repair and Newport Marine RV store and repair shop is located 9 miles north in South Beach.

Are there nearby places to get something to eat?
Yes. There are several and they are listed on our brochure and on our central coast attractions page for Seal Rock, Waldport and other cities. And, of course, Newport has many very good places to dine or for takeout. One of our friendly hosts will be happy to help you.

Are there grocery stores in the area?
Yes. There is Bay Mart, a quick-stop market, located 3.5 miles south on Hwy 101 just north of Waldport's Alsea Bay Bridge, and Ray's Market, a supermarket in Waldport, that is well stocked and even has a nice deli, bakery and meat market. Newport has a Walmart, Fred Meyer, Safeway and JC Market Thriftway for easy shopping, too.

Are the Park Model Vacation Homes for rent?
No. These Vacation Homes are individually owned and the owners do not rent them out. We offer RV and Tent spaces only. These Vacation Homes are Private and off limits to other than the owners.

How do I rent the four-bedroom Vacation House (Fairwinds) behind the park?
Fairwinds is owned by the same family who owns Seal Rocks RV Cove. Fairwinds is rented through Ocean Odyssey Vacation Rentals and not by the RV Park ( Learn more / Reservations ). Large families or gatherings can rent Fairwinds through Ocean Odyssey and reserve with us spaces for additional guests with RVs or Tents to be nearby in the Park.

Do you have firewood for sale?
Yes. We purchase kiln-dried firewood that is shrinkwrapped in bundles. Each bundle is $5.00. We purchase from a local vendor and always have it on hand. And we have a fire ring in every site. Please remember that we allow a campfire in the fire rings, not a bonfire. Our Fire Chief does not allow large fires or logs that stick out of the fire ring. Please enjoy a pleasant and safe campfire.

Where can we get propane locally?
Newport Marine and RV, 9 miles north, has propane and can fill RVs or bottles. Ace Hardware in Waldport (5-miles south) can fill bottles. We do not have local delivery of propane for big rigs.